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Pet Friendly Accommodation

Meadowcroft Country Guest House would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your pets.

To ensure your comfort and comfort of our other guests in the house we would like to share a few small house rules.

If while you are here you need a dog bed or food bowls please contact us and we will be happy to bring them to your room (blankets in rooms are for use on human beds).

Please also ensure dogs are not left in the rooms alone, they are also not permitted in the dining room so while having breakfast could you take them to your car, this is an environment they know so will not fret.

To avoid any possible problems could you please also keep them on a lead while walking through the halls to your room.

We are unable to avoid an extra charge of £5 first night, or £10 for stay for your pets but this allows us to be able to cover costs of extra cleaning and the best vacuum cleaner available to keep the rooms at the standard we like to keep them.

Kind regards Rosemary and Linda

Your canine hosts at the Meadowcroft are Izzy and Copper, both Working Cocker Spaniels, who will extend their own welcome upon your arrival!